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March 14, 2006

Mr. Joel Price

Southeastern Architectural Woodworks

P.O. Box 1747

Brandon, MS 39043



Dear Joel:

Hurricane Katrina was most unkind to the French Quarter, including the destruction of two

louvered shutters on my Creole Cottage. These items were hand crafted in about 1810 from

virgin Cypress materials. They were badly mangled and some of their parts were lost in the

clean- up of debris. Repair was well beyond my capability and I was not willing to sacrifice these

mortise and tenoned beauties for Home Depot parts or even custom crafted new ones.

My solution was to approach the millwork house that has performed the most quality work for

me in the past, with hope that they had caring craftsmen in the shop. That firm was Southeastern,

and the craftsmen did more than care, They performed miracles, Your instruction to them to

salvage as much of the original wood materials as possible was followed in great detail. Where a

small end was splintered, the bulk of the piece was salvaged and a carefully forged Dutchman

was let into the work, complete with mortises of its own. Where two hundred years of rot had

penetrated an edge, you used careful epoxy filling and sanding to leave a continuous surface that

excludes water and finishes like an original surface.

Joel, this is a beautiful piece of work. I hesitate to cover it with paint to match the original, as it

will obscure the wonderful craftsmanship. I hope that in another hundred years someone will

have occasion to investigate these shutters and appreciate this work. Maybe they will also


."You know they just don't build them like they did back in 2006."

Thanks to you and your staff for a very pleasurable experience.

Sincerely Yours,

Robert P. Adams